Friday, September 19, 2014

Is “only” Automation Annihilating Manual Tester Within…

Client: Can we automate our test cases
Service Provider: Yeah,we can do it!

Client: What team size do you own and what time will it take?
Service Provider: We have got sufficient team size dedicated only for automation…
Client: Sounds great!

Nowadays every software product that is being developed quality is always a high priority, so as to make it useful for end users. For a proper quality product every software goes under scanner of Software Testing, where some group of people having knowledge about the product perform testing activities related to it.

Some of the small projects are managed by having manual test cases and testers keep on executing those prior to release and delivering the project. When the project size increases and at a point when client thinks automation of test cases then ‘we’ (Automation engineers) come into picture. This is a generic scenario in an organization that we come across.

Let’s take an example of a project where automation is needed and manual test cases are written by some other team. At start of it, only priority is to automate, a set of test cases which have high priority based on business needs. Gradually we follow the regression test cases and start automating at a stretch. Here we are only for the automation purpose and the job is to merely follow the test cases automating it.

Looking for the above scenario we do not get chance to do some manual stuffs as that is not our work. Though while automating we do go through the steps/cases and perform some journeys using it. Counterpart here is test cases are always updated and it works!

Manual testing is not only a process or about having a capability of thinking more scenarios but apart from this, it contains lots of other activities. It can be about following some best practices, involvement with other teams, providing suggestions/opinions and it inculcates within if we follow it. Though it can be part of automation too, but not for all the cases.

So, where are we?
Don’t you think doing only automation is killing your manual testing skills that you have?
Is it destroying your thinking?

When we are bound only to automation work, yes it is. Introspect within.


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